recived this vase in this condition wher the other Guy thought it was a wise
idea to remove the broken teeth completly and pollish the top
This is the same vase restored by Glass Studios!
The restoration did not lose any height from the vase
also the vase had had a slight sickness to it which we cleaned
exam2.jpg (116893 bytes) exam5.jpg (83823 bytes)
This piece has heavy top damage which required us to thin all the way around ,  lower all the teeth and replace the pattern Due to the difficult nature of photographing cut glass the damage was more severe than pictured here
exam3.jpg (109685 bytes) exam4.jpg (121543 bytes)
part of the thinning process shows just how bad the damage was the bright spots at the top three teeth are a trick of light the piece was restored so no one could tell it had been worked on remaining edge thickness was 1/2 inch
sick1.jpg (215172 bytes) sick2.jpg (152125 bytes)
This jug has a  heavy milk-like color sickness very diffacult to photograph the differance but the clean was perfectly clear!!